Urgency, Extreme Discipline, and High Energy

Any good Texan knows what a remuda is. 


For the rest of the world, a remuda is a herd of horses from which ranch hands select their mounts for the day. The term originated back in the days of long cattle drives when cowboys needed ready access to fresh, trained horses.


The word is of Spanish derivation for remount or "change of horses" and is still commonly used in the American West. The individual in charge of the remuda is generally known as a wrangler.


At Remuda Advisors, we see ourselves as financial wranglers expertly corralling and managing the requirements, vision, and demands of individuals on all sides of a challenging investment.


We recognize that when clients hire us, they need to solve a problem. And quickly. That’s why we enter each engagement with a sense of urgency, extreme discipline, and always, high energy. 


Regardless of the complexity of the deal and individuals in it, we use time-tested and creative solutions to generate the best possible outcomes for our client. 


In each instance we ensure all parties involved leave the transaction feeling respected and satisfied.