What Our Clients are Saying..

"I worked with Steve Bellah as Executive Chairman and Director of RDL Realisation.  We recruited him as our senior credit officer, where he was responsible for day-to-day management of approximately $250 million of assets.

Our objective was to recover as much of our shareholders’ capital as possible by either selling, running off, restructuring or re-financing our credit portfolios. We accomplished this task inside two years and much of the credit goes to Steve and his team at Remuda Credit Advisors, LLC.

Steve is an experienced credit professional highly competent in credit monitoring, loan management, restructuring, and administration.

He is diligent, trustworthy, hard-working, persistent and reliable. I also appreciated his can-do attitude and politeness.  It was a pleasure to work with Steve and I have the utmost respect for him."

Dominik Dolenec
Managing Partner of Emona Capital LLP

"Steve was appointed as the Chief Finance Officer of RDL Realisation PLC to work with the Board to wind down the fund in a manner that maximised returns to our shareholders.  He was also responsible for managing the fund, including overseeing the accounting and day-to-day running of the fund.

Throughout his tenure I was consistently impressed by both Steve's attitude towards work and his performance.

Steve is highly skilled in credit administration and restructuring.  He adopted a strategic approach to collection, restructuring, and legal action, and focused on maximising IRR for stakeholders.

He managed the litigation for several complex collections in an efficient and considered manner which maximised recoveries whilst keeping legal fees to a minimum.  Furthermore, he showed excellent leadership in reporting and provided support for both the external audit teams and litigation as required.

Steve has outstanding people skills and developed constructive relationships with both borrowers and internal stake holders.  It has been a pleasure to work with Steve and I highly recommend him for similar roles."

Brendan Hawthorne

Chairman, RDL Realisation plc

"I write on behalf of Biz2Credit Inc. and its subsidiary, Itria Ventures LLC (collectively, “Biz2Credit”) with respect to Steve Bellah of Remuda Credit Advisors, LLC.  Steve has been supervising and managing Ranger Direct Lending’s (“RDL”) loan portfolio with Biz2Credit since February, 2019. During that time, I have been Steve’s primary point of contact at Biz2Credit. I can unequivocally say that Steve has done a superb job managing RDL’s portfolio.

Throughout the lifecycle of the loan…Steve asks the right questions, no matter how convoluted the facts surrounding the loan are.  He is well-versed in the credit recovery process with the level of knowledge that is typically seen in lawyers who practice in this area…Steve routinely provides helpful suggestions to Biz2Credit’s staff members working on RDL loans.  It is clear that Steve’s goal is … make sure that each loan is paid off in a quick, cost-efficient manner.

I would gladly recommend Steve to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and trustworthy credit portfolio manager who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves to get the job done (don’t let that soothing Texas accent fool you)."

Shu Awan


Itria Ventures LLC

Vice President & Deputy General Counsel

"Steve has a wealth of experience as a credit and investment professional. He is well organized and demonstrated a facility in the operating fundamentals of credit administration: credit monitoring, loan management, restructuring and reporting.  In addition, he was very adept at managing complicated problem loans, restructurings and recoveries.  Steve was the driving force behind several litigation matters in our portfolio and, in one case, single-handedly recovered millions from a loan that had been effectively given up for dead.  In addition to his thorough and thoughtful management, Steve is highly personable and patient in even the most adversarial circumstances.  This combination distills the emotion out of these situations and maintains the focus on the business matters and actions necessary to maximize capital recovery. Steve excelled in developing constructive relationships with everyone involved in RDL matters: borrowers, board member, lawyers, auditors and various external service providers..."

Joseph Kenary

Executive Director

RDL Realisation PLC (f/k/a Ranger Direct Lending Fund)

"Our team found that Steve was knowledgeable about the market trends and had a close understanding of the position of each balance.  He had clearly been ‘hands on’ at resolving the more difficult balances. 

Steve understood our requirements and facilitated the discussions with the company’s external valuers.

As I said at the audit committee meeting, Steve’s efforts were important in helping us to meet the reporting deadlines."

Ian Weekes
Crowe U.K. LLP

"Steve is an excellent mentor and natural leader. He is hard-working, diligent and has tremendous domain knowledge. Steve's depth of experience combined with intellectual tact was critical to much of our groups success. Steve is a pleasure to work with, and a continues to serve as a critical industry relationship."

Mathew Neuringer, 


“Steve was very easy to work with.  He was knowledgeable about the underlying assets and promptly responded to all questions and requests for valuation support.  He understood the documentation requirements necessary for auditing the valuation estimates of the underlying assets.”

Charles Clow, CPA/ABV

Crowe LLP